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Premiering August 6th at the Arkansas Bridal Show, is The Bridal Cottage exclusive private viewing of our new collection of wedding dresses.  Experience the glamor of the runway, up close & personal in an intimate setting.  

Join us in a special area of the bridal show, accessible only to those brides who have signed up!  We will be hosting 3 private fashion shows, showcasing our new collection gowns!

Brides, you and your guests will be able to view these dresses from just a few feet away, with the models on the same level as you. Also, by attending our private viewing, you will have access to book an exclusive bridal appointment available only to attendees!

Get your name on the list now to ensure seats for you and your guests!

Or just give us a call at 501-753-4138 and we can get you all signed up over the phone!

This is an event within the Arkansas Bridal Show at The Statehouse Convention Center on August 6th.  You must purchase tickets to the Arkansas Bridal Show to be able to attend the private viewing of our bridal gowns.  If you don't have your tickets to the show yet, you can get them here!

And if you are planning on attending the Bridal Show Fashion Show at 3:30pm, these new collection dresses will not be in the show!

Many thanks to Central Arkansas Entertainment and DJ Mario Luna for partnering with us to make our private fashion shows extra special!