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Bridal Cottage Bride: Janey Lewis

Bridal Cottage Groom:  Michael Lewis

Wedding date: April 27, 2019

Wedding Venue: Noah’s Event Venue

Photographer: SkyTouche Photography

Videographer: Tristan Stuart

Caterer: Marti Smith

Florist: Double “R” Florist & Gifts

Cake: Mickey’s Cakes & Sweets

Hair and Makeup: Ciara Burnett

Wedding Planner: Uneek Events

The proposal:

It took place on a very busy day!  April 14th, I was in a wedding and also attended a close friends surprise birthday dinner.  I was super tired! My fiancé had the bright idea to do “something” after the dinner.  I told him I was tired, and just wanted to go to bed.  He begged for me to go, so I gave in. We drove to a part at 10:30pm.  I regret my behavior because I was super grouchy and just wanted to go home! At that point, he starts talking about the history of our relationship and tells me everything that would make me and any girl feel good!  He gets out of the car and goes to the trunk.  He asked me to step out of the car and of course, I’m thinking, its dark and my feet hurt.  Due to my complaining, he opens the car door and gets down on one knee. I was so shocked and apologetic all at the same time!  We then headed to my parents’ house where all my friends were waiting on me to walk in and celebrate!!

The vision of the day: 

My wedding day vision was glam/romance.  I wanted to have all the glitz, but also for it to be romantic and personal. I chose wine as a color and mixed it with a rose gold.  It was everything I could have imagined!  It was the best night of my life!

The wedding dress shopping experience:

My dress shopping experience was the best!  I wasn’t overwhelmed and my consultant made sure I was happy. She asked me questions on my likes and dislikes and she challenged me to try new things outside of the box. I highly recommend any new bride to go to The Bridal Cottage! They take very good care of their brides.

Advice for future brides:

My advice to any future bride would be not to sweat the small stuff!  There were things that bothered me that I realized were so little once the day was finally over. Also, to only lean on those who are genuinely happy for you. Some people you think would take the load off, won’t.  And the ones who show they care don’t hesitate to allow them to join that journey with you. You only get married once. (at least supposed to!) Try to make it as less stressful as you can. Also, remember to have fun!