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The different types of appointments....


Finding your perfect gown is truly a special experience! Whether you are ordering your dress or purchasing an in-store sample, saying “Yes!” is such an important moment. Sometimes brides feel that they need to make all of their decisions in terms of accessories, tuxes and bridesmaids all at the same time, but often times that can be overwhelming! Bridal Cottage consultants suggest that separating these appointments may be more beneficial to the bride (and her family)! We have listed below several different types of appointments that we offer here at The Bridal Cottage!

Introduction – Sometimes brides are interested in learning about the “Bridal World”, as we call it, but aren’t quite ready to fall in love with her dress. For these brides, we suggest having an Introduction to Bridal appointment. An Introduction appointment consists of working with a Bridal Cottage consultant to discuss everything bridal! From ship dates to silhouettes to price point, there are a lot of things to plan for when finding your perfect gown! And we would love to help you become more prepared to say, “Yes!”

Bridal – A bridal appointment may seem pretty self-explanatory, but we acknowledge that each bridal store may do things a little differently. For our bridal appointments, we love to start with talking to our brides. We want to get to know you! We want to hear your vision for your big day! Every bride truly is special and we want to help find your perfect gown for you! In a bridal appointment, a bride will try on bridal gowns until she find her dress! Sometimes we look at accessories during a bridal appointment, but, again, don’t feel like you need to make every decision during your bridal appointment! Finding your perfect bridal gown is enough!

Accessory – An accessory appointment is an appointment in which a bride will try on her previously purchased bridal gown to look at various types of accessories. Usually brides will try on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, veils, sashes and shoes. Shoes are an important accessory to have before alterations are made to any bridal gown! Shoes determine hem-height and bustle. For an accessory appointment, a bride does not have to have purchased her bridal gown from The Bridal Cottage. We would love to help per-fect your wedding day in any way that we can!

Bridesmaids – Finding your ladies’ dresses are just as important as finding yours! There are two types of bridesmaids appointments: One in which a bride will come to the store and work with a Bridal Cottage consultant to define dress style, color, fabric, and price point. Typically, after these appointments the bridal party will come in individually to be measured and to pay their deposits. The second type of bridesmaids appointment consists of the bride coming in with her ladies to select the dresses for her bridesmaids. We always say that navigating bridesmaids can be a bit of a process, which is why we would love to assist you in that! And brides who purchase their bridal gown from us, their bridesmaids receive 15% off!

Tux – We love being a full service bridal salon! This means we are able to dress you, your ladies and your guys! A tux appointment is an appointment in which we help your groom and his groomsmen to select their perfect tux or suit rental. We have Bridal Cottage consultants trained in measuring your guys for the perfect fit! From vests to ties to cummerbunds, and everything in between, we’ll have your guys looking sharp! And if you are a Bridal Cottage Bride, your groom will receive $50 towards his tux or suit rental!