As a bride, you want all your ladies to be happy in their dress...but you also want a certain look at your wedding!  How do you accomplish both?  Let us help you!

We just adore our Sorella Vita bridesmaids collection.  We are the exclusive Sorella Vita bridesmaids store in Central Arkansas! The Sorella Vita collection is an extension of our brilliant wedding designer Stella York and Essense from Australia. 

In Italian, Sorella Vita means “sisters for life.”  And the design teams keep this in mind when bringing to life this breathtaking line of bridesmaids dresses…because this is what weddings are all about!  These dresses can also be worn by a beautiful Mother of the Bride or Groom.

From the rich and lush colors to the exquisite and glamorous fabrics, every bride will love the style and beauty of Sorella Vita dresses.

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Here are some of our best-loved at The Bridal Cottage:

$200 - $320