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Helping to find happiness in the midst of tragedy...

Helping to find happiness in the midst of tragedy...


This story has a happy ending. And that is why I wanted to post it in the blog.  For those who follow us on Facebook, you probably know the story.  But I wanted to share it to those who haven't seen the story, to those who read our blog.  I love my job. I love helping brides find that special dress for their wedding day. And this moment, this week, strengthens the fact that I am where I am supposed to be.




So many of our KATV Channel 7 viewers have reached out to us about a story we ran on a Scott family whose house burned down after being struck by lightning. The family's son and his fiancée are about to be married, and the bride lost her wedding dress in the fire. After we ran the story, Lindy Blackstone Lanford of The Bridal Cottage got in touch with Kelly Conley and helped her with a new dress for her big day. (NON-SPOILER ALERT: The dress in the video isn't the one she chose!)




I am humbled and overcome with emotion. When I saw what happened to Kelly Conley and her future in-laws on KATV’s evening news, I was so moved. And with the support of my wonderful staff at The Bridal Cottage, I knew it was our calling to help. We reached out to Kelly and her mother-in-law, Anita, to offer our support in search for another wedding gown. And in front of her family and friends on Tuesday morning, we did just that and she said YES to the dress! THIS is what having a small business AND being an Arkansan is all about. Giving back and helping those in need. I have grown up in Arkansas, and I absolutely love owning a business here. The spirit of our community is what makes Arkansas such an incredible place. We are SO thankful and appreciative to those who have supported us since this story. We ask for continued thoughts for this family--and of more importantly, best wishes to Kelly and Adam! 

--Owner, Lindy Lanford

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