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Bridal Appointment Helpful Hints!


Bridal Appointment Helpful Hints!

It’s time to find your dream dress!  Here are some helpful hints on how to prepare and what to expect from a bridal appointment.

1.       We recommend you call and book an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance.   

2.       We like to be prepared for your appointment, so when booking, we will ask the following questions:

a.  When is your wedding?  Most of our designers take 4-6 months (and sometimes more) to make a wedding dress. What that means is that there are certain dresses in the store we “order” off of.  So if you choose that particular dress, we would place an order so you would get a brand new dress to wear on your wedding day!  Everything in our store is a sample.  And we take great care in preserving our samples.  So, depending on your wedding date, we might need to show you sample dresses that you can buy off the rack.

b.  What type of style are you looking for? Maybe you have tried on before and there is a certain style you like.  If you haven’t tried on, maybe there is a certain style you have seen online or in a magazine that has caught your eye.  And it’s ok to be open-minded!  That’s what appointments are for!

c.   Do you have any pictures you can bring to your appointment of gowns you have “pinned” or seen online?  This helps us greatly to see your vision!

d.  What’s your everyday size?  This gives us an idea of where to begin when trying on dresses. And it’s sad to say brides, but wedding dresses run small!

e.   How many people will you be bringing with you?  This is very important to think about.  Your party can make or break an appointment…for you!  You should invite family and friends that are supportive of you and will love you in anything that you choose!  Plus, we are a small store and we like to accommodate everyone in your party if we can!   We strive to take care of all of our customers and beautiful merchandise, so if you decide to have children in your party, we ask that an adult hold’s the child’s hands at all times.

f.    What is your budget?  We understand weddings can get very expensive.  We respect your budget you have set aside for your dress.  It is our policy that we do not put brides in dresses that is over your budget. 

3.       We will confirm your appointment by text 48 hours in advance or by phone the day before.  Only confirmation by you will actually secure your appointment.

4.       Please wear proper undergarments.  A strapless bra and nude panties.  If you want something more secure, we do have bustier’s here to try on with dresses that are for purchase.

5.       Accessories: If you have your shoes you want to wear on your wedding day, please bring them to the appointment.  If not, we have many shoe options available.  Also, if you have something sentimental that you plan to wear, for example a piece of jewelry or a veil, please bring those items as well.

6.       Feel beautiful!  Style your hair and put on light makeup. Preferably not heavy lipstick.

7.       And last, enjoy the day!  This is the day you are going to find the dress of your dreams!